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posted on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 | Add comment [9]

Holla ! freebies time . kali ni nak bagi freebies gambar pulak .
perasan tak kat freebies faz yang ni ada gambar heels ? haha .
nak tak ? faz dah siap trensparent + tweak colour dia .
make sure u credit sbb ni faz buat sendiri ! don't be such a loyal copycats oke ?



p/s : haa ? suka ? nak ? click gambar then copy image url . jgn lupe comment . thanks :D

Blogger ikki said...

hey ! lawanye :) sukelah . saya ambik !

Blogger FazeeraKahar said...

@ikki thanks . okie dear :D

Blogger hanashi said...

zombies??? hahahaha...freebies tue apew???

Blogger faten norshitah bt abdul aziz said...

amek satu :))

Blogger Misz_Choki said...

iza amek warne purple untuk buat freebies header ea :)

Blogger Isha Sams said...

anys amik satuu :)

Blogger dyanarusdi ♬ said...

me take one ><

Blogger liyana fatihah said...

saya ambil semua image for header awak :) thank you . semua lelawa :D

Blogger hazdnul shafina said...

amik satu :D


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