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posted on Friday, February 24, 2012 | Add comment [1]

Gotcha ! long time no see rite ? sorry my dear readest . i'll gonna such so busy this month .
harhar . lagak speaking english lah kau faz ! \ sorry for de broken english
hari ni tanak update pasal tutorial or freebies bagai . just nak share dgn korang yang blog kedua faz kini
berubah wajah ! tautau je la kan i memang cepat bosan dgn design yang ada kat blog . such a bad habit rite ?
sebelum ni blog tu kale hitam hijau , then kale pink , and now i've used a big combination of pink , green and yellow . header tu nampak buruk cause i've no idea ! big thanks kepada follower2 blog tu . lama jugak faz tak hupdate tautau dah ada duabelas follower dah . ade jugak yang nak baca blog tu kann ? anyway THANK YOU SO MUCH !

wanna take a look ? click for the link below .

feel free to follow . TQ :D

Blogger arisa nazifa said...

Love the Header <3


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